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We value upfront pricing and guarantee no hidden fees.

Billing does not start until your crew arrives at the pickup address, and billing concludes when the last item has been placed at the unload address to your satisfaction. There is a standard travel fee equal to 30 minutes on every move within Winnipeg, which covers the travel time to and from the job. The standard coverage provided with each move is well above industry standards, and optional additional coverage is offered for a $30 flat fee. Details pertaining to out-of-town moves and additional coverage can be found on the FAQ page.

With our upfront pricing, you can expect no hidden fees or additional charges; everything else about your move is included in the hourly rate!

  • 2 Workers and 20ft/24ft Trailer $160/hr + 1/2 Hour Travel

    Recommended for small houses and small to medium sized apartments

  • 3 Workers and 24ft Trailer $200/hr + 1/2 Hour Travel

    Recommended for large apartments and medium to large houses

  • 4 Workers and 24ft Trailer $240/hr + 1/2 Hour Travel

    Recommended for large to very large houses

*2 hours + 30 minute travel time is the minimum charge on all standard moving jobs, exceptions are available for very small moves.

**Additional charges for exceptional high-risk items:
Pianos ($200+ each)
Fridges ($100+ each)
Washers/Dryers ($50 each)
Treadmills and other weight-lifting equipment ($100 each)

All additional charges will be disclosed when booking the job