Best rates and guaranteed work in Winnipeg and area!

We value upfront pricing and guarantee no hidden fees.

We don’t start our hourly rate until we show up to the pickup address, and we end it when we bring the last item in at the drop off. We have a one time $70 travel fee, which is designed to cover our travel time to and from the job itself. Other than that, there are no other hidden fees or additional charges; everything is included in the hourly rate!

Those are the only fees you pay on a Calculated Move, guaranteed!

  • 2 Workers and 20ft/24ft Trailer $160/hr + $70 Travel

    Recommended for small houses and small to medium sized apartments

  • 3 Workers and 24ft Trailer $195/hr + $70 Travel

    Recommended for large apartments and medium to large houses

  • 4 Workers and 24ft Trailer $230/hr + $70 Travel

    Recommended for large to very large houses

*2 hour minimum on typical moving jobs, exceptions available for very small jobs.

**Additional charges for exceptional high risk items, Pianos ($200 / per piano), fridges ($100 / per fridge), Treadmills ($100 / per treadmill), all additional charges will be disclosed when booking the job